Les Detours Cyphers

Learn the rules of battle to the artistic disciplines with Les Detours Cyphers. Until the 18th of September, professional dancers will communicate their passion through performances and workshops that share their culture with the young and young at heart. An event for fans of the Belgian hip-hop scene but also one for those who to see all backgrounds together in a celebration of positive values – the very essence of the festival spirit.

B-Boy Battle Detours Cypher 17/08

Place aux dames! #detoursfestival2016

Publiée par Detours Festival sur Jeudi 18 août 2016


Les Detours Cyphers take place every Wednesday at the Bourse throughout the months of July and August and has three performances at BOZAR: 19 July, 23 August and 12 September from 6 pm to 8 pm. Those in attendance will witness two top Belgian hip-hop dancers in a battle exhibition; followed by a workshop during which professionals share their know-how.