Let’s taste the Alsatian choucroute!

The “Quinzaine de l’Alsace” is currently taking place in Brussels until February 10th. A nice opportunity to taste traditional Alsatian dishes in eight restaurants.

The first cliché that comes out when someone says “Alsace” is probably “food”. According to an Alsatian proverb “In France you eat well, in Germany you eat a lot and in Alsace you eat both well and a lot”. Gastronomy indeed fully takes part of the regional culture. If you have not had the chance to taste the traditional heavy choucroute yet, do not worry. You easily can find a place in Brussels to discover what Alsatian food is by February 10th.


The “Association pour la promotion de l’Alsace (APA)”, together with “Accueil et Tradition”, are indeed holding the 8th “Quinzaine de l’Alsace” in Brussels. For two weeks, eight Belgian restaurants will provide you with traditional Alsatian meals. “It aims at promoting our region, qualitative and authentic food. All the products directly come from Alsace, most of them are organic and they are all purchased to small-scale Alsatian producers”, Remy Bossert, President of APA, said.

Although the choucroute is probably the most attractive dish, restaurants also serve split pea soups, traditional apple pies as well as Riesling wine. To make this event as good as possible, Michel Husser, an Alsacian starred-chef, was asked to supervise the whole event. “He is here to adapt the recipes and to train all the chefs”, Remy added.

“This event also has a charity purpose”, Remy said. While you can taste the Alsatian cuisine, one euro per dish will indeed be granted to Nativitas, an organisation that supports people in precarious situation in the Marolles area.

“Every restaurant will offer Alsatian food. The dishes are more or less the same, but every restaurant will have an individual menu”, the “Accueil et Tradition” event officer said. You can find all the information you need as well as the menus on their Facebook page. And if you are interested in Alsace and fancy having another insight, keep in touch with APA, which organises activities all the year long.