Comedian Louis C.K. receives standing ovation from Brussels crowd

Louis C.K. received a standing ovation – as well as rapturous applause – at the end of his comedy show at La Madeleine in Brussels on Tuesday night.

The world-famous American stand-up comedian, who admitted to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct back in November 2017, offered a virtuouso C.K. performance consisting entirely of original material. During the show, C.K. joked about his usual favoured array of subjects including relationships, religion, and sex, as well as more controversial topics such as the handicapped, the Holocaust, and (most controversially of all) his own past history of sexual misconduct.

Famed for his dark humour, C.K.’s new material seemed even darker than usual – though this didn’t at all appear to faze the audience, who, if anything, were only eager for more by the end.



C.K. also gave what appears to have been a similarly well-received performance earlier in the evening at the same venue, with audience members present claiming that they were “crying with laughter” and that they “laughed so much [their] stomach hurt”.

The warm-up acts were also strong, with Tony Woods, in particular, giving an excellent performance.

(Due to online leaks of some of his previously unpublished material, Louis C.K. has now claimed copyright over all of the jokes delivered in his show, making it legally perilous to repeat any of them in any online medium. Click here for an interesting discussion of the lawfulness of this move.)