Manneken Pis will wear his traditional Albanian costume

On Wednesday, 28th of November, Manneken Pis will be wearing his traditional Albanian costume.

The symbol of Brussels folklore will be honoring Albania on the occasion of their national holiday.



Background Information

Albania proclaimed its independence on the 28th of November, 1912 in the town of Vlora (Vlorë). After 50 decades of Ottoman domination, an independent Albania was declared by Ismail Qemali, who was the first head of state.

This day coincides with the day on which Skanderbeg (Skënderbeu) raised the Albanian flag in Krujë (1443).

The 28th of November is celebrated annually as Albania’s Flag Day (Dita e Flamurit) or Independence Day (Dita e Pavarësisë). It only makes sense that this historic public holiday is celebrated by the ceremonial raise of the flag in Tirana, Albania’s capital, with the presence of all public authorities. Oblivious of the cold temperatures every year Albanians flood the main square wrapped up in flags to take part in celebrations and activities.

As with every other major holiday, the peeing boy of Brussels will wear his costume of Albania from 9 am to 4 pm.