Measles outbreak in Brussels

Several measles cases have been reported in the Brussels and Wallonia regions recently.

The increase is more rapid in the Brussels Region where 24 cases have been confirmed. Throughout 2018 there were 13 cases.

The overall number of measles cases in Europe has increased sharply in the recent years. Measles is a highly contagious disease which can lead to complications and requires hospitalization. It is not treated with antibiotics.  The symptoms include high fever, coughing,  and also the appearance of red patches all over the body.

Dr.Romain Mahieu from the Observatoire de la Santé et du Social of Brussels Capital has stated,  “The majority of affected patients are young adults with links to countries in which measles is ravaging (France, Romania, Ukraine).”


By: Hyttalo Souza – Unsplash


It has been reported that 80,000 people were infected throughout Europe last year, which resulted in the death of 72 adults and children.

The Wallonia Health Agency (AVIQ) stresses the importance of vaccination and calls on citizens to ensure they got the two doses of vaccines.