Meet a new website designed to fight bike theft

The website, a site designed to tackle bicycle thievery, went online on Wednesday.

Designed in collaboration with cycling associations and the Brussels police, it offers an online registration procedure for bicycles. Its main purpose, according to Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet, is to replace bicycle engraving – a technique which, he claims, has become obsolete today.

(Photo – Ilya Ilford)

Once a bike has been registered online via the website, a unique number and QR code will be assigned to it. This number and code can then be printed and stuck on the frame of the bicycle with an anti-theft sticker. By scanning the code, a prospective bike purchaser will thus immediately be able to realize if a bike has been stolen, after which he or she may contact the rightful owner.

Mr. Smet provided a demonstration of the new registration procedure on Wednesday in a bike shop in Uccle.