New driving license rules in Brussels

From April 30th, driving theory tests will become more difficult under new rules

Participants taking the theoretical driver’s license test in Brussels will now only be allowed to make one serious mistake while scoring a minimum of 41/50 to pass. A major mistake will now also cost participants five points, with a minor mistake remaining at one.

A candidate guilty of two serious errors is automatically disqualified. A similar system already works in Flanders and Wallonia.

These changes decided by the Brussels government will be followed as of November 1st, and mark several changes as part of the practical examination, said Bianca Debaets, the Secretary of State in charge of Road Safety, on Tuesday.

For the continuation of the course and the preparation for the practical examination, the candidates will now also have the choice between four sectors (mixed free course/driving school, direct access to the examination after 30 hours of driving school, free and filière sector driving school) instead of two in the current system.

First aid training and the risk perception test will also become mandatory under new rules.