New Maison Antoine to be ready in December

We are almost there: some months after the works started, the new version of the friterie Maison Antoine is almost ready to open its doors again. One of the managers told Brussels Express that they will open beginning of next month.

The works were supposed to be over by the end of September, but the owner announced a couple of days ago they were facing some technical issues.

Bonsoir,Voici une photo exclusive de la nouvelle Maison Antoine prise de nuit.Allez plus que quelques semaines de…

Publié par Maison Antoine ( Page officielle) sur jeudi 9 novembre 2017

The friterie was first open in 1948 and needed to be updated to the modern health and technical standards for restaurants. The owners seized the opportunity to transform this Belgian institution, expanding the restaurants to 50 square meters and adding a third  counter, in order to satisfy the consistent request for the delicious frites. The lines, as well as the waiting time, should therefore be reduced.

Before the inauguration of the new house, would you pop down at Jourdan to order your last fries at the food truck?