New measure bans alcohol consumption in the center of Brussels

Brussels Stock Exchange – By Arnisa Kastrati

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close (PS), has proposed a new measure to fight against alcohol consumption in the center of Brussels.

The excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs as well as to mental health disorders are considered the main issues that are degrading the image of the pedestrian of the City. Therefore, he said to Le Soir and De Standaard that alcohol will be banned by the end of the year around the Stock Exchange (Bourse).

“We must deal with the problem, it is not possible to want a large public space and then note that people do not dare to go there”, continues Philippe Close. Among those that are responsible for the nuisances there are “people in a state of permanent drunkenness, who are no longer masters of themselves,” admits the mayor.

The Socialist has thus announced a flagship measure: the prohibition to consume alcohol, between midnight and six o’clock in the morning, in an area of 500 meters around the Stock Exchange. People in a state of drunkenness that disturb public order will risk fines, seizure of drinks and even arrest.

However, the cafes will still be able to serve alcoholic drinks on their terraces, as well as the night-shops will continue to sell them. For the moment, this is a pilot measure. The mayor hopes that the regulation will come into force before the end of the year, or at the latest f not, at the beginning of next year.