The police are looking for information about the homicide of the 89-year-old man in Anderlecht

The police are investigating the murder that happened the past October the 6th in Anderlecht.

The 89-year-old Daniel Vander Meuter was found dead at his home, in rue Homère in Anderlecht, by a member of his family, in the late afternoon. The victim died very violently, in fact, he had been stabbed several times.

An investigation is underway, the prosecutor said. The public prosecutor’s office seized an examining magistrate and the Federal Criminal Investigation Laboratory and a forensic doctor went to the scene. The weapon was found on the spot but, currently, no track is more privileged than another. The motive of the crime is not yet determined. For the moment, there is no such thing as a plea for homicide to facilitate theft, the prosecutor said.

Thus, the police are looking for people who knew Daniel Vander Meuter and could provide information about him, as part of the investigation into his murder.

The police invite any person who has information about this fact or who has noticed a vehicle, a person or suspicious behavior in the street Homère in Anderlecht on October 5, 2019, to contact the investigators via the free number 0800 30 300. Any testimonial can also be sent via