New rules for theoretical driving test

New rules have entered into force on Monday which could make the theoretical part of the driving test harder to pass.

Should you plan to take the exam in Brussels over the upcoming months, you will be subject to the new changes in the theory test.

The new system will be similar to the ones in Wallonia and in Flanders. First of all, the number of questions haven’t changed, you will still need to answer 50 of them. The mistakes are however now classified into two categories: some of them lie within “slight mistakes”, while others are considered “serious mistake”.

To pass the exam, the candidate is required to get 41 points out of 50. If you make a slight mistake, one point is withdrawn. But if you make a serious mistake, you lose five points. To be clear, you can only make one serious mistake before failing.

And now, if the candidates fail twice in a row, they must attend 12 hours of compulsory lecture at the driving shcool before taking the exam again.

Another point that could be of interest to the expat community: it is possible to take the exam both in French and in Dutch. But In Brussels, you have the opportunity to request to take it in English or in German. You’ll then be supported by an interpret during the exam.

Although no changes have entered into force yet with the practical part of the driving test, these will come as of 1st November. The candidates will be offered several possibilities to be trained on driving. And some courses on first aid and risks will also be compulsory.