On Tuesday Charles Michel will meet a delegation from the Climate Coalition

Prime Minister Charles Michel will meet with a delegation from the Climate Coalition on Tuesday January 29th at 3pm. The goal of the meeting is to listen to them and discuss their concrete proposals “in the fight against climate change.” Tens of thousands of citizens have sent strong a strong message. “This message will be heard,” said Charles Michel.

On Sunday, some 70,000 people braved the rain to participate in the second march for the climate organized in the streets of Brussels. Protesters demand a set of binding and “socially just” measures to effect the ecological transition.

On December 2nd, a previous march had already gathered about 75,000 people in the capital. It was organized by the Climate Coalition, which brings together more than 70 environmental organizations, North-South, trade unions, youth and citizen movements.

On Monday, during his speech at the opening session of the Diplomatic Days, the Prime Minister said that climate was one of his priorities. But “we must tell the truth: we must ensure the safety of our supplies and reasonable tariffs, and at the same time respect our international commitments. It’s not easy,” he said.