Palais de Justice old plans have been found: The building will be renovated according to them

Palais de Justice or the court house of Brussels is one of the monuments of our city. It was built between 1866 and 1883.

The Palais de Justice was designed by the Belgian architect Joseph Poelaert. However the plans of the building got lost sometime during the Second World War. The court house was set on fire by the Germans on September 3, 1944 and that is when the plans were thought to have been lost.

The building is easily recognizable and widely talked about as it has been covered by scaffolding since 1984. The reason was that the court-house could not be renovated before the plans were found.


Palais de Justice_from_Hilton
By Martin Mycielski (Stansfield) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


After years of research, the plans have been discovered by six students of the Executive Master in Heritage of ULB.

The students were under the mentorship of architect Francis Metzger. They discovered the sketches of the court-house on the archives of the Kingdom as reported in Le Soir.

The project building is expected to be completed by 2036.