Participatory Budget 2018

The city of Brussels provides you the opportunity to be involved in the participatory budget 2018 and to work on concrete projects to promote and improve our city.

Participatory budgets are more and more popular in many European cities. The goal of such an initiative is get citizens involved in collective projects and to make them active stakeholders with full transparence. This year, the city of Brussels decided to allocate 200 000€ for participatory budgets. The projects will focus on social cohesion and well-being. Creativity  is a key quality that the city is looking for.

The initiative is open to every resident, organisation or private stakeholder based in Brussels. Every person or entity is allowed to submit only one project. As a Brussels resident, you also can be part of the process by working and voting for projects, without applying for any grant.

How does it work?

You can register through the city’s website. Following the registration the procedure will consist of 4 phases:

  • January to February 2018. An idea for my City or quarter: call for ideas, call to participate in workshops.
  • February to April 2018. A project for our City or quarter: applicants will officially present their ideas.
  • 15 April 2018 to 15 May 2018. Vote for your favorite project.
  • Starting on June 2018. Implementation

Good to Know:
Regulations of the participatory budget 2018 are available in french and dutch.