Petition: Make fries Belgian again!

When you say ‘Belgium’, you automatically think of fries. In fact Belgian fries were officially added to the UNESCO list of cultural treasures.

That is why on the National French Fry Day a petition was launched by a Belgian company to re-name French fries as Belgian.

They wrote on their page:

“French fries are so ingrained in our culture! Preferably with an extra dollop of mayonnaise. We celebrate the big and small things in life with it. It is a moment of socializing with friends and family. 

The name ‘French fries’ is therefore a grease stain on the blazon of all Belgians. And that is precisely why it is time for us to claim our fries and rename ‘French fries’ to ‘Belgian fries’. Our fries culture is our pride and it is high time the rest of the world knew this too!

Sign the petition below and support the Belgian fries!”



You may sign the petition here.