What are the advantages of becoming self-employed?

A study conducted by Liantis with 1 721 individuals shows their motivations behind becoming self-employed.

According to the study, the top three reported reasons for becoming a free-lancer are 1) being your own boss (34 %), 2) doing what you love (31 %) and 3) getting more satisfaction from your job (29 %).

The financial aspect plays a much less important role, with only 13%.

The survey looked at what the self-employed perceived to be the positive aspects in the long-run. Being your own boss was once again the principal one. In third place, 29 % stated that customer satisfaction is rewarding and a motivating factor.

The overall satisfaction among the self-employed is high. In fact, 74% of all respondents give a score of at least seven out of ten when asked about their satisfaction.


Unsplash – From: Manny Pantoja @mann_pantoja

When asked about  less satisfactory aspects, 53% report being least satisfied because of financial insecurity related to their status.  Then comes the heavy administrative burden they have to pay (49%) and the lack of free time (32%).