Place Jourdan has a new look now

Place Jourdan has undergone major changes throughout a whole year. A total budget of 4.5 million Eur was dedicated to the redevelopment of the square.

It has a new look now. There was an addition of new benches, lightning and also several trees were planted. These changes have definitely brought new life to the neighborhood. It extends to the facades on the sides and there is an unobstructed view of the terraces.

The square provides for an open meeting space, as there’s no need to try to move around parked cars.


One of the main issues was the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Regarding this aspect, work has been done to discourage transit traffic and thus increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

The bus stop at Place Jourdan has been moved to the bottom of Rue Froissart, where there is a specific bus route.  The underground parking in Avenue du Maelbeek has also been renovated.

Transformations will continue on Rue Froissart.