Planting trees against climate change

Belgian researcher, Jean-François Bastin proposes re-forestation as the most economical solution to fight climate change.

Working with a team from the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) they have explained the positive effects of reforestation.



“It would allow us to return to carbon levels equivalent to those of the beginning of the industrial era , so it could really have a big impact on the climate, ” says Bastin.  He further adds, “It protects the habitat of more than 80% of biodiversity on earth, to fight against landslides, to maintain water in the soil or to create barriers against tsunamis.”

They were able to create a map of areas where it would be possible to replant 900 million hectares of forests all around the world. This massive reforestation would capture 205 billion tonnes of CO2.


La reforestation, meilleure arme contre le réchauffement climatique ?

Et si replanter des arbres était la meilleure solution pour sauver le climat?🌳C'est la théorie du Belge Jean-François Bastin qui publie une étude dans la prestigieuse revue Science.🔬

Publiée par Vews – RTBF sur Vendredi 5 juillet 2019