Cycling on a highway: Filter Café Filtré announces new event on May 5th

The activist group Filter Café Filtré has announced the creation of a new event, ‘Live On Air’, which is scheduled for Sunday, May 5th this year, and whose main purpose is to campaign for an “alternative mobility” in the Brussels region.

The group has said that two bike routes will be planned from Flanders and Wallonia for the event, both of which will end up in Brussels, where a big party will be organized. Curiously, the group says the routes the cyclists will take to Brussels will be … highways: the A12 from Antwerp and the E411 from Wallonia.


Upon arrival in Brussels a major dance will be organised, choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus. A concert and drinks evening are also on the program for the event, whose exact location has yet to be determined.

The group already organises events every Friday morning in front of numerous Brussels- and Flanders-based schools, all of which aim to promote better air quality and ‘greener’ transport links across Belgium. Filter Café Filtré has said that it will continue these actions until May 24, just before the regional, federal and European elections.