Public beach to pop-up in Brussels

As the spring turns to summer and the weather is heating up, people begin dreaming of those sandy beaches by the water. Now, Brussels is not known for its beaches or places to swim, but on June the 1st, its residents will get their very own urban beach to soak up the sun.

Plage Nord

Pool is Cool is an organisation that aims to revitalise outdoor swimming in Brussels, and their next endeavour is to turn the Plage Nord fountain into a city beach. The whole street will be closed and the roundabout will be covered with sand, beach chairs and even a pop-up bar – allowing leisure-goers to enjoy the essence of the beach right in the city. But the best part is, the fountain in the middle of the roundabout will turn into a pool, perfect for when you want a relaxing dip.

So come and enjoy the sunny side of Brussels in this first event of its kind.