Rainbow days in Brussels

Brussels will host today a debate on LGBTIQ rights in Bozar, a couple of days before the Gay Pride.

L stands for lesbian. G stands for gay. B stands for bisexual. T stands for trans. I stands for intersex. Q stands for queer.

Queer is originally a term used in a derogatory sense. Many LGBTI youth have embraced this word and given it a rebirth. It can be described as a broad umbrella term for anyone who may identify as being either gender, sexually and/or bodily diverse.

No plan yet over the coming days? Do you fancy both learning and partying? If so, Brussels Express recommends enjoying the “rainbow days” in the our capital.

First of all, it is about learning. Tonight’s debate will gather politicians, people from the civil society as well as speakers from culture and academia. It will of course have a general overview on the LGTBIQ rights, which could be improved in many countries around the World. Take the example of Ecuador where we can find multiple clinics aimed to “treat” homosexuals.

Gay Rights

The speakers will also deal with the ways to make the LGBTIQ lives easier and better, in order to reach exemplary results in the society. There will be a special focus on Malta, which is number one in the ranking drawn up by the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). It will take place at 6.30pm tonight and you still have a couple of hours to register.

After leaning about the LGBTIQ rights and its potential solutions to improve them, let’s celebrate diversity over the weekend. The Belgian Pride will be held in Brussels on Saturday. It every year hosts a massive party, not only in the gay neighbourhood, but also in the whole city centre. A march will take place at the beginning of the afternoon, before everyone keeps on partying. The 2017 Pride will focus on “asylum and migration” and will deal with the LGTIQs and refugees. Should you need information about the event, please visit the website.