Red Devils to receive a grand welcome in Brussels

The Red Devils are returning home from the World Cup in Russia with a third-place medal, and are being treated to a special reception in Brussels for all their efforts

12:30, the players go to Laken Castle, where King Filip will receive them. Around 14:00, they’ll get onto an open party bus and brought to the Grand Place. They will take places on the city hall’s grand balcony around 15:00, just like the generation of Mexico 1986, which took an unprecedented 4th place at the World Cup, except this team are present as third place winners.

Only 9,000 people will be allowed on the square, but two big screens will be installed nearby for all to follow festivities. One of is placed at the Beurs. The players leave the Grand Place around 16:30 and all activities cease at 17:00. Police ask attendees not to bring bags or items in glass.