Return to Bliss in 2018?

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 yet? If not, then it is not too late to register for the “Return to Bliss Weekend Yoga Retreat” being organised by Hatha Yoga teachers Silke Wilson and Courtenay Willis from 23-25 February at the Château Frandeux in the Belgian Ardennes.


Both Silke and Courtenay specialise in Anusara Yoga, an alignment-based form of Hatha Yoga with a life-affirming Yogic philosophy, where students move with skilful flow guided by their breathing. They have both been practicing and teaching together for almost a decade. They teach people from a diversity of backgrounds and levels with integrity, passion and  sense of humour. Yoga for them is a way of life and they enjoy sharing that with their students.

Silke explains that the word “Anusara” means flowing with Grace – following the Heart. Anusara Yoga uses  “Universal Principles of Alignment”, which are applied as the name suggests “universally”.  They are applied to all poses and postures sequentially in a Yoga class, but once mastered to a certain degree they happen all at the same time.

Anusara Yoga classes feature uplifting themes which are woven into the poses to physicalise their meaning. The theme often incorporates a heart quality so that the students learn to feel and experience this particular quality or theme in their bodies. The theme is then ultimately taken to the highest level – to a more universal level in relevance to a traditional philosophical school of thought from India called Kashmir Shaivism which forms the philosophical foundation of Anusara Yoga.

It emphasises the idea of seeing the good everywhere and in everything. It teaches us that Consciousness is everything and everything is Consciousness. It is a life affirming practice which honours individuality and diversity. The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY ) stands behind the system of Anusara Yoga. It  operates on a global level. It is a teacher led organisation which is a non-profit organisation with a special emphasis on developing and sustaining a worldwide Yoga Community to support the individual teachers in their regions but also to come together on a regular basis globally and regionally to celebrate togetherness and oneness.

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Good to Know:
To find out more details about the weekend retreat at the Chateau Frandeux: email: or visit the “Tree of Life” website.