I will be protesting President Trump in Brussels

President Donald Trump will be visiting Brussels on May 24, and I will be protesting against his policies. I suggest to anyone reading this article who has the slightest inclination against his point of view to do the same.

I am protesting President Trump because I am a proud American citizen, and I feel that his presidency poses an immediate threat to fabric of American constitutional democracy. His presidency comes at a difficult time in US history. The powers of the executive branch have grown under Presidents Bush and Obama, thus gifting the truly incompetent President Trump the power to single-handedly make decisions that affect people all over the world.

I am protesting President Trump because I am Bruxellois and he will totally mess up traffic in Brussels.

I am protesting President Trump because I am a proud Belgian citizen and President Trump has pressured European leaders to increase military spending. This dovetails with Belgium’s imminent purchase of 15 billion Euros worth of F-35 fighter planes, which I am totally against. I want my leaders in Belgium to know that they will be scrutinized for every single decision they make in cooperation with the President Trump’s government.

I am protesting  President Trump because his bigoted rhetoric has lead to an increase in violent crimes against the LGBTQ, Muslim, Jewish, Black, Hispanic, and Immigrant communities. His raw brand of dog-whistle racism has emboldened people to normalize hate.

I am protesting President Trump because I am the son of an Iranian who was once a refugee, and I am a proud Iranian. That despite her numerous diplomas, decades of experience in international development with organizations like the World Bank and the UN, and the 3 languages that she speaks fluently, my mother cannot risk visiting me in Belgium for fear that she might be denied re-entry into the US despite being a Belgian citizen and an American green card holder.

I am protesting President Trump because I am an entrepreneur, and his policies have no intention of levelling any playing field for me and my company.

I am protesting President Trump because I know that climate change is real. It is not a question of belief, it is established scientific fact. The repercussions of his policies, especially at such a time as this, are reason enough to go yell in the street.

I am protesting President Trump because protesting works. It’s not about convincing politicians, it’s about showing others who think like you that they are not alone, and that political action is needed and acceptable. Protesting exists to raise awareness about our political movements, and though I may not agree with every point of view being expressed tomorrow, I will at least find others who agree to a wholesale rejection of President Trump’s values. Protesting is how you change things in a democracy, protesting is how you make your voice heard. I implore you to ignore the sceptics in your world who think it’s a waste of time. Their fear does not have to be yours. I hope you join us.

The march begins at 5pm on the 24th at Gare du Nord – Noordstation

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