Get a free e-bike test and explore the local bicycle market

Investing in an electric bicycle can be a big commitment, with prices starting at around 1,000 Euros for a quality bike. There are also questions around where to buy it, the potential financial benefits, where you could recharge the bike for free.

This is where comes in. The website is the fruit of a partnership of over 30 Brussels based merchants that came together to support local businesses while giving the public access to a platform where they can easily find and compare over 200 products – both bikes and accessories.



You can also request a 30 minute free trial of an electric bike on the merchant website or contacting the merchant through the available forms. Having ridden one, I can say it is surprisingly pleasant to effortlessly go up hills and swerve through the traffic while making minimal effort. There are some amazing bikes to be tested – from the beautiful Brussels made Ahooga electric, lightweight and foldable bike (picture above) to more classical and family e-bikes; there is a choice for everyone. There are not only electric bikes but also all sorts of regular bicycles, including cargo models.

If you opt for an e-bike, you can be eligible for a bonus payment of 505 Euros if you give up a license plate or a STIB subscription. Your employer will probably also be able to offer some benefits to cycle to work, as long as they offer some sort of transport subsidy. Together these benefits can be worth more than 1,000 Euros for the first year. merchants also accept Eco-cheques – so if you have some lying around this is a good place to spend them.


To wrap up the Mobility week, the team behind Velobuy have put together an event to bring together bike enthusiasts and amateurs and to allow people to get to know the bike and accessory brands. You can sign up for a Brunch and Bike event here.

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