Zipcar will continue to operate in Brussels

Zipcar had previously announced that it would end its operation in Brussels by the end of February.

Things have changed as D’lerteren has finalized an agreement with the Avis Budget Group, which was the previous owner of Zipcar.

The good news was announced through email to Zipcar users. The company stated: “Negotiations are underway with the car platform and shared scooters Poppy for the acquisition of Zipcar in Brussels, “.

All activities are expected to continue without any interruption. The new registrations will be re-opened and users can continue to use Zipcars in the Brussels Region until summer 2019.



Meanwhile, the logo of the brand is expected to change after the acquisition. Poppy is a company from Antwerp, supported by D’lerteren, which offers shared cars and scooters. The 250 Zipcars in Brussels will have the Poppy brand logo.