Roller Bike parade: the best way to live Brussels

Tired of moving around in the same way, taking every day the same streets and constantly seeing the same urban landscape? Would you like to see Brussels from a different perspective? If that’s the case, hop on your bike, wear your roller blades or get on your longboard, because this Friday you can participate to the Roller Bike Parade!


Every year, Brussels and other Belgian cities (Leuven, Gent, Hasselt and Virton) organize the parade during summer, from June to September. People seize the longer days, the sunlight, the nice weather and the holidays to pedal or skate around in formation. It is the best way of starting the weekend, gliding around the city, surrounded by family and friends, and following the rhythm. And if the whole event and the general euphoric atmosphere are not enough for you,  keep in mind that the parade will be accompanied by DJs, to spice up the experience and liven it up.

If you don’t own a bike or roller blades but you still want to participate, there is no problem! Many people use the Villo bikes for the occasion, or they rent the roller blades directly at the parade starting point, Place Poelaert. There, you can find a Twin Shop stand, one of the partners of the parade, and rent blades and protections!

The event takes place every Friday -from June to September- at 20:00. It is well organized and it grants the security of the participants through simple, common rules and through the surveillance of the police. This, in fact, controls the progress of the parade and blocks the streets before it passes.

The parade is a fun opportunity to skate around the city, seeing it from a different perspective and to enjoy the beginning of the weekend with your friends.