Severe winds in Brussels: public gardens closed until Thursday for security reasons

The Brussels public gardens and woods were closed yesterday night and will remain so until Thursday morning due to the severe winds that are expected in the Belgium capital.

Bruxelles Environment took this decision as wind gusts (from 80 to 120 km/h) are supposed to hit Brussels by Thursday morning. For security reasons, the Brussels institute for management of the Environment advices not to walk nor run in the parks and woods today.

Access to these spaces will be prohibited and, for those who do not have closure devices, notices will be affixed to the entrances. Park and forest wardens will also be present to inform the public.

The reopening is scheduled for Thursday morning, after inspection, cleaning and securing green areas. Brussels Environment also recommends avoiding being close to trees.


Good to know:
If you need help you can reach the 1722. 112 is only for those who are in a life-threatening situation.

Severe winds