SNCB: a minimum service to run during strikes

After the recent cases of train strikes, the government will bring in legislation that will determine striking workers positions before strikes take place.

Last November, the Parliament decided to implement minimum service at the SNCB transport in the event of a strike. This move was met with backlash within parliment; with many left-wing parties stating that the legislation does not comply with the right to go on strike.

So what does that minimum service involve? Three days before a strike is to be held, the SNCB “primordial employees” will be required to say whether they will take part or not. Depending on the total number of employees that are supposed to work, both SNCB and Infrabel must plan the traffic in a way that will make your journey feasible.

And so, a special committee is then supposed to make some recommendations so travellers will receive more information during the strikes. The members of that special committee will meet on February 2, which means it will practically enter into force at the beginning of March.

Although the bill passed at the end of last year, it is subject to an administrative process and will enter into Belgian legislation on January 27.