SNCB to increase its rates from February 2020

“The Board of Directors of SNCB has approved the rates that will apply from 1 February 2020. SNCB continues to focus its strategy on making the train more attractive for leisure travelers, in addition to commuters. For this reason, the prices of leisure products for young people remain unchanged and seniors can now also use their senior ticket, during all weekends of summer holidays.” announced SNCB through a press release.

The average tariff adjustment (+ 1.53%) of the standard ticket and the weekend ticket remains below the health index (+ 1.87% in the reference period June 2018 June 2019).

The price adjustment for home-work subscriptions and school subscriptions is 2.87%.

Subscription products, such as the Campus card, experience the same rate adjustment. The average tariff adjustment for all other products, excluding subscriptions, amounts to 1.87%, linked to the health index.

The price of leisure products for young people (Go Pass 1, Go Pass 10 and Go Unlimited: free trips for young people up to 26 years), as well as the price of the Rail Pass (free trips), remains unchanged.

The prices of the Key Card (for short distances in a given area) and the Senior Note increase respectively by EUR 0.30 and EUR 0.20 per way. Seniors will now be able to use their senior ticket every weekend in July and August (including August 15): the current restriction is lifted.