A forceful UN is needed more than ever

Belgium was one of the first countries to sign the Charter and the United Nations remains a unique global framework for realizing a multilateral commitment.

Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Didier Reynders and Alexander De Croo emphasize the importance of the United Nations.

Multilateralism is in the DNA of Belgian diplomacy. It unites countries and increases the quality of the solutions that are jointly found for complex problems. An international legal order can promote stability, peace and security. The UN also guarantees a comprehensive approach, in which peace and security are inextricably linked to respect for human rights and the sustainable development of people and the environment.


United Nations


Multilateralism is a choice. This choice is not self-evident for everyone. At a time when certain conflicts are escalating or not being resolved, we need to reinvest with particular energy in dialogue, respect for the principles of the UN Charter and the promotion of the international legal order. Belgium is strongly in favour of strengthening the law, rather than the law of the strongest. International humanitarian law must not be further undermined. Protecting citizens – and certainly the most vulnerable ones – is a duty, not an option. This is what is at stake for our country, including during our mandate in the Security Council.

Both ministers therefore call for solidarity with the victims of all violent conflicts, but also for concrete lessons to be learned, on this United Nations Day. Even though the world has changed enormously since the creation of the UN, the principles of the Charter remain valid and universal. That is why Belgium wants to continue to work for a strong UN that can prevent conflicts and guarantee lasting peace.