Chocolate & Cocoa: The Great Adventure

Which type of chocolate lover are you? The classic-praline-fan? The natural-product-buyer? The world-cacao-traveller, hipster-chocolate-lover or more the innovative-flavour-type? No matter your preference, there is room for all of you this weekend in Brussel’s Salon du Chocolat.

Sure, Leonidas pralines are easily bought during this fair and the Neuhaus – making-of – demo of the iconic Caprice draws visitors’ attention, but this Salon du Chocolat is particularly fun for those cocoa-inamoratos that want to dig deeper into the world of chocolate.

Take your chance to taste and buy fruity and salty bonbons, sandwich spread without palm oil or Indian spiced chocolate. Learn from chocolatier Callebaut how chocolate is made from the very beginning. Taste the Nutty Thins from Belgian hipster Baru, which mostly sells their chocolate flakes through niche delis.

In the Young Talent Space you can meet among others a family from Tervuren that a year ago decided to start a chocolate company under the name Mi Joya. Get acquainted with pure Colombian chocolate and proceed your adventure at the booth of Peru Organic, a company founded in the heart of the land of the Incas. Encounter the Chocolat Beussent Lachelle, a company that started as a family business thirty years ago and now owns its own cocoa plantation in Equador. This French chocolatier controls the entire chocolate production process: from the growth and harvest of cocoa to the finishing touch of the praline. Like this, an honest product with a fine taste is guaranteed.

A message to those people that are not into chocolate but end up at shed 3 and 4 of Tour&Taxis this weekend anyway: don’t worry. Leave the chocolate stands where they are and enjoy your Duvel beer, accompanied by an Arabic pastry, some marshmallows or a carrot cupcake while you check the catwalk for models presenting couture outfits. Beware though, that a complete escape is not possible: the fashion is made from chocolate!