SNCB to present the Festival-Train for festival-goers

Throughout the summer of 2019, SNCB collaborates with no fewer than 13 major festivals. It will put 76 additional trains into service and will increase the capacity of some scheduled trains. For a series of festivals, travelers will also be able to enjoy great rates.

Once again this year, festival goers will be able, thanks to the train, to travel in the best conditions to and from their favorite festival.

Last year, more than 200,000 festival goers chose the train, the safest, fastest and most sustainable way of getting to the festival venue, avoiding queues and parking problems. This year again, SNCB intends to convince more and more passengers to take the train and strengthens its offer with 76 additional trains, more than 75,000 seats in total.




A train has been fully redecorated so that festival-goers can travel in style. On the other hand, this year’s slogan – ‘Travel Stylish to Festivals’ – will also be featured on this “Festival Train”. How? The surprise will be reserved for travelers …

Train schedules for festivals can be consulted via the trip planner on the SNCB website or on the SNCB app. An overview of all the special rates is also available here