Strict new requirements to acquire a driver’s license include mandatory first-aid training

As of November 1st, the Brussels-Capital Region has implemented several new mandatory requirements for those who wish to obtain their driver’s license.

One of these changes is that a first-aid training will be mandatory from now on. Provided by the Red Cross, the first-aid training is intended to prepare future drivers to be able to provide proper care before the ambulance arrives, in case of an accident.

The driving-license preparation will be divided into two parts: a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical one can be followed at home as it is transmitted electronically. After passing the theoretical exam, candidates are free to choose between four different streams, those being the free mixed school/driving school, direct access to the exam after 30 hours of driving school, free path and driving school. The practical part consists of three hours and can be followed in groups of 20 maximum.




In addition to the first aid training, a risk perception test is also required as part of the practical part of the test. Candidates should be able to identify potential hazards in different situations.