Upcoming events of the Belgian Monarchy

The Queen visits the exhibition “Power and Beauty – The Arenbergs”

Her Majesty the Queen visits the exhibition “Macht en Schoonheid” on November 8.

From Arenbergs “(Power and Beauty – The Arenbergs) to the M Museum in Leuven. The exhibition is part of the ‘Festival Vijf Eeuwen Arenberg’ and presents masterpieces from the Arenberg family from collections around the world.


Gala concert of the Royal Music Guides

Their Majesties the King and the Queen will present a gala concert at the Palais Royal in Brussels on November 9 as part of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Their Royal Highnesses Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent will also attend the concert.

This concert of the Royal Music Guides commemorates this pivotal moment in European and world history and pays tribute to all the victims. The guests at the concert are mainly people who contributed, in this year of commemoration, to the reflections on “war, peace and memory”. The program offers compositions in connection with this theme of renowned Belgian and foreign composers.