Summer dates in Brussels: where to go, what to do?

After a long and grey winter, Brussels blossoms in summer: the weather is nicer, sun is shining more often on the city and a nice breeze is blowing. The city is more vibrant, active and bright, it invites you in the streets, making happy hours on the terrace more pleasant and meeting new people more easy. For this, it is the perfect season for romance and love: it is just delightful spending some time outside, enjoying holidays and breaks, seizing the good weather to explore the city with your loved-one. In case you’re looking for some new ideas, here are five options for your next date in the Belgian capital!


Bois de la Cambre

Bois de la Cambre is one of the best parks in Brussels. It is pretty big, with nice lawns all around, ideal for picnics and sports; the path around the lake is relaxing, calm and with small, romantic spots in the shade of majestic trees. If you feel particularly romantic, you can rent a boat and row around the lake, with swans and wild geese swimming around you. And if it is very special occasion, you can have dinner at the Chalet Robinson, on the island in the middle of the lake. The restaurant, elegant and mysterious, offers typical Belgian dishes and a unique atmosphere!

Summer Set- The Rooftop Residence Palace

What about a drink with a view, for your first date? The Residence Palace, in Schuman, is hosting its first summer set. From June until September, the hotel will host a rooftop bar on the 23rd floor, the highest in Brussels. It will be open from 18:00 to 23:00, on carefully chosen dates. The location is fancy and fascinating: you can admire Brussels from above while sipping your favorite drink and listening to lounge and pop music.

What a wonderfull first edition ! We are full of stars and so happy to have succeded ! Thanks to all for coming and we…

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Sunset at Place Poelart

After a walk around the city and a drink in the Marolles area, why not seizing the opportunity and enjoying a breath-taking sunset in Place Poelart? The square is famous for the Justice Palace and you can access to it from Louise, as well as from the Marolles area itself, through a glass elevator (the ride is for free!). The view you have from the top of the square is amazing: the rooftops of Brussels are just under your eyes and, if you’re lucky enough and the sky is clear, you can also spot the Atomium in the distance!


For those of you with their feet on the ground, but the head in the clouds, the Planetarium could be a good option for a date! You can combine the very romantic sport of star-gazing with the more scientific and efficient study of the universe. Take a seat on the armchairs and look up: visit different planets, glide on the Milky way or spot rocket launches while holding hands! The Planetarium also offers concerts and astronaut meet-and-greet, for the science enthusiasts!


Nemo 33

Are you an adventurous couple? Or are you just looking for something unusual to spice up your weekends? Here’s a pro tip: check out Nemo 33! In Uccle, in fact, there is the deepest swimming pool in Europe, where you can learn how to deep-dive or snorkel… in the middle of the city! No need to look for the seaside or fancy tropical locations! It is the ideal activity to learn something new or to perfect your technique: the pool is equipped for both beginners and advanced. Nonetheless, if you’re not a fan of diving, you can still enjoy the view from the Thai restaurant close to the swimming pool, with a cocktail in your hand.

This is my diving at Nemo33 reaching 33m's .. It was an amazing experience & had the best time ever .. Taken by @amro_al_hamad .. Thanx bro

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