The Council of State declares illegal the two new towers in Rue de la Loi

Credits: WikiCommons

The Council of State rejected the urban plan for Rue de la Loi. Thus, the RRUZ (regional zoning bylaw) is cancelled. Since 2010, the Brussels Region has been planning to redevelop the wastelands located on Rue de la Loi, near the European Commission, just below the famous graffiti “The future is Europe”. However, according to several associations, besides the other documents needed (construction template, volume, strength, etc.), no serious study on the environmental impact of such redevelop has been conducted. The problem is that “these new offices lead to an increase in density, so more traffic”, explains to Bruzz Steyn Van Assche, a specialist of the BRAL movement.

Therefore, the rejection of the Council of State could, that arrived in late September, lead to the illegality of the just completed “The One” housing tower, as well as of a second tower that is still under construction. A second decision will follow on October 22, however, the Council of State explicitly stated that both towers will not be able to remain since they were built in total illegality

The Region has a new development plan already on track and it has the support of BRAL. In fact, Steyn Van Assche stated: “The narrowing of Rue de la Loi, which is part of the new plan, is a good thing. There are also going to be more houses than originally planned. But the increase of the density and its effect on the mobility remain an important point.”

This new plan will be in public inquiry until November 14th. Also, an information session will be organized on October 15th.