The Trouble Notes come to Brussels

The Trouble Notes, a three-piece band that fuses the magic of violin, psychedelic guitar and hip-hop rhythm and beats is performing in Brussels on the 31st of March at Callens Café.

This gig in Brussels is just one stop on their tour of Belgium and just one country of their world tour. Travelling to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Canda and the US, the band is playing over 20 concerts worldwide.

The story of this band and its unique sound is one of adventure, intrigue and following dreams. Front man Bennet Cerven, a young music prodigy from the age of four, decided one day to leave his financial career in Wall Street finance and took to the streets of New York to make his money by bringing music to people. Having already earned his bones on the competitive streets of new york, he eventually cut ties and moved to London, where a chance encounter jamming with percussionist Oliver Maguire, a cultural movement was then, and they decided to complete their musical match by travelling to Berlin to meet their guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt.

The Trouble Notes

Although performed without lyrics, their enchanting songs can usually be characterised by a very fast played violin that voices the trio, but that’s not just what defines the band. The groove of the cajón going in tandem with a rhythmic guitar build a nuanced sound that is entirely their own, creating something between instrumental Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Classic, Gypsy and Jazz. But this band can’t be pigeonholed so easily, as it’s there variety of songs and their impulse charge of sound which lead them from the streets to private concerts and eventually into the spotlight.

In 2015 they were selected to be the musical guest performers at the European Film Awards, were nominated “Indie Artist of the year” by Cultural and In 2016 their song “Ghosts of the Red Sand” was selected as the theme song for RBB’s “Auf Augenhöhe.”