Financial compensation for the incidents of 11 and 15 November 2017

The City of Brussels will financially help the 16 sixteen businesses who were vandalised during the incidents of November 11 and 15. If you are one of the victims, discover how you can help apply for this help. Application forms must be delivered by 10 January 2018.

During the incidents of  November 11 and 15, sixteen businesses were vandalised in the center of Brussels. In order to support the merchants who were forced to advance fees for the insurance franchise and the security of their store, the federal Minister Denis Ducarme (RM) and the alderman for Economic Affairs Marion Lemesre  decided to provide additional help.

The City of Brussels will financially help those who suffered material damage, if this damage is not covered by the insurance or any other intervening institution. For those who wish to be considered for a financial intervention or are seeking for more information about the exact conditions for the intervention, you can  contact the City:

Good to know for the victims: You will then receive an application form which you have to fill in and send (with the attachments) to the City of Brussels before 10 January 2018.

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