There’s no party like a Belgian party

Summer was a long time ago already, and the Belgian festivals are also supposed to be over… right?  No, no: parties and celebrations never sleep in Brussels! If you miss the atmosphere of the festival, and you fancy discovering new French-speaking singers, you should have a look at the 4th edition of the Francofaune Festival, which will be held in Brussels from the 5th to the 15th of October.

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The point of this cultural event is to support the French-speaking music, which actually faces very strong (and unfair?) competition with the American and British music. Lots of very good artists are going around France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada, and it’s definitely worth attending some performances.

That’s why more than 50 gigs will be showed for 10 days in 10 different places in the Belgian capital. SCYLLA, Albin de la Simone, Drache Musicale and dozens of other bands will perform in some cultural centre and concert rooms, such as La Soupape, the MIMA and Jacques Franck.