Accessible art, unforgettable art

Since the beginning of September, Brussels has showed a particular appreciation for art and design. It has hosted many exhibitions, among which the Design September, an event one month long dedicated to design and to its numerous applications in many aspects of everyday life. October will present art in a different perspective, through the DS Brussels Fashion Days -inspired by Spain and modern trends- and through the Accessible Art Fair (ACAF).

The ACAF celebrates this year its eleventh editions and enhances, once again, the importance of art and design. The event usually takes place in Brussels or New York, in prestigious and unique venues. This year it will take place from the 5th to the 8th of October and it will be hosted in the Bozar building.

The idea behind the fair is to celebrate the work of the artists, underlining the new tendencies and the creativity of the last pieces but, most importantly, it aims at putting in contact the artist and the visitor. During the fair, people will have the possibility to wander around, discovering the newest creations, and to ask for more information, details or curiosity directly to the creator.

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The 60 artists present at the fair have been carefully selected this summer by a jury of art directors and experts. The creators are not represented by galleries, but they work directly with the judges and the visitors. Among the authors, there will be VIPs such as Pandemonia, who will propose her first performance in Belgium on the opening day, the 5th of October.