Power games

What would you think about gathering in the city of Brussels with other random people and think about power in an artistic way? If the idea sounds appealing and unusual, you should consider passing by at Nuit Blanche on Saturday night, from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am. Every first Saturday in October, the public spaces host contemporary artistic creations and provide the general public with the opportunity to have an alternative view on Brussels. And about 100,000 people visit this new Brussels.

If you are obsessed with House of Cards or the political power, there’s good news! This year’s edition’s theme is “Power games”. The Parc Royal is surrounded by many decision-making centres and influential counter powers, such as lobbies, finance and media. But the power is not only about politics, it is also about the family environment as well as your daily life. It is worth having a debate on it, especially the artistic views and creations. Let’s then rush to Parc Royal on Saturday. Should you aim to go there, please find all the information you need online.