Threat of terrorist attack in Brussels displayed on a screen at the European Parliament

A message stating that Brussels will be attacked tomorrow at 6 p.m was displayed on a screen at European Parliament building.

The message stated: “Bruselas (sic) will be attacked tomorrow at 6:00pm in Grand Place by a guy with a neon shirt,” and it was signed by “Abulah Hakimi”.

The screen is accessible by visitors of the European Parliament, who can leave messages upon their visit.

The Belgian police as well as European security have been notified. The surveillance cameras capturing all near-by areas of the European Parliament have been seized in order to identify the author of the message.

The OCAD and the Brussels’ public prosecutor are conducting an investigation as to determine the credibility of this threat.

The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to us that “it is very rare that an attack announced in advance actually takes place”.