Tik Tak Circus Adventures: it isn’t just Santa who’s coming to town this year

It isn’t just Santa who’s coming to town this year – the Big Top is also making a festive appearance in Brussels.

Of course, Belgium’s love affair with the circus is a long-held tradition that goes back many years and is as strong today as it’s ever been. But the version that has pitched up on the outskirts of Brussels is not “any old circus.”

Tik Tak Circus Adventures is a decidedly new style show, one which draws on great circus traditions of the past but, at the same time, offers something new and innovative. A comparison might be the concept of fusion food, cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions.

How the idea of Tik Tak Adventures started

Similarly, Tik Tak seeks to marry the “best of the old and new” but, this time, from the wonderful world of circus. Tik Tak Circus Adventures is a brand new show created by Sandor Donnert and Samuel Pauwels. They have known each other since they were children and have been best friends since their youth. Both come from circus families and have worked in circus their whole lives. Over the years they have worked separately in countries all over Europe but they always stayed in touch and have often entertained the idea of creating a new, more modern, circus show.

Show publicist Stefan Brunner further explains: “The idea was to create a new concept that shows the beauty of traditional circus fused with modern styled acts of entertainment. We combine the classic with the new, wrapped around one main character, called Tik Tak.”

He adds, “Tik Tak is the clown/comedian that binds the show together and links the audience to the show. The show is designed to create a more intimate setting where the audience is more connected with it all, being part of it and not just  bystanders.”

It is with this concept in mind that Samuel and Sandor have now launched the new show in Belgium which brings together their two families. The acts chosen for the show were chosen on the basis of the same concept – combining classical circus acts with new styles. Or, to put it another way, to show the beauty of classical circus but in a way that has not been seen before.

The show lasts 90 fun-filled minutes and features an assortment of acrobats, musical clowns and jugglers. It is not a traditional circus programme but, rather, tells an interactive story with the “easy going, fun-filled” character Tik Tak at its heart.

So, what’s the story about?

Well, broadly, while the boss tries to run the show, Tik Tak playfully intervenes and interacts with both the audience and fellow artists. It all takes places under the Big Top at Forest/Vorst, a location which is conveniently located at a junction just off the Brussels Ring.

This is the first time this show has been held in Belgium and, while it seeks to offer a modern take on the great circus tradition, it remains lovely family entertainment – and also makes for a nice treat for the kids this Christmas.

Good to Know:

The show runs until 7 January and performances are at selected times on certain dates (please see the website below for full details). Tickets and for more information: Info@tiktakadventures.com