Top Belgian attraction Walibi set for multi-million-euro facelift

The start of a new year has also signalled major changes at one of Belgium’s foremost and best-loved visitor attractions.

A long-time pioneer in the amusement park sector, Walibi has been delighting families for decades after opening some 42 years ago. Conveniently located near the motorway network, it attracts around 1.3 million visitors a year.

But the coming years will see a massive transformation both at Walibi and also Aqualibi, the adjacent leisure/aquatic complex, both situated near Wavre in Brabant Wallon.

With an investment of €100 million, the entire park will get a major makeover (partly shown in the artists’ impression above), with several new attractions coming on stream every year, including what is promised to be the biggest and fastest rollercoaster in the Benelux.

From this year until 2023, the park will add new attractions annually.



By the time the ambitious project is finished, 75% of Walibi’s park will have been transformed. “The metamorphosis will be historic,” according to Jean-Christophe Parent, its Managing Director.

One of the planned new features is a rollercoaster, so big it will be visible from the motorway. The transformation of the whole site is said to be “unequalled” in Belgium with the goal being to “reconfigure the site, transform it and make it the reference of Belgian amusement parks targeting all ages.”

As well as new attractions each year there will be a new theme for each area of the park. It all starts this year with the installation of a new family coaster, located near the “Challenge of Tutankhamon” plus the creation of an exotic theme and adventure trail.

Three other zones will be given a “thematic renewal” and there will also be an indoor interactive family attraction, a coaster reserved for children and a large “conceptual” restaurant.

There are expected to be ten rollercoasters at the park, a record in Benelux.A new family attraction, slides and the renewal of the area near the “Flash Back” attraction will complete the overall investment plans.

Meanwhile, similar ambitious plans are foreseen for Aqualibi which is also set to “write a new page in its history” with the creation of a 700-square metre aquatic playground for young ones. This will be especially aimed at children who do not know how to swim. This expansion will allow Aqualibi to reach an area of 7,000 square meters.

The works in Aqualibi are already well advanced and, along with Walibi  it will be closed until the Easter holidays.

Commenting on all the changes, Jean-Christophe Parent said, “This ambitious development plan will enable us to further establish our position as the largest and most exciting amusement park in Belgium for visitors of all ages. Walibi has always played a pioneering role in offering his audience new unique sensations.” 

He added, “We are confident that in the future, families and young people looking for an exciting day will be fulfilled. ” 

Good to know:

There are three Walibi parks: Walibi Belgium, Walibi Rhône-Alpes (France) and Walibi Holland (Netherlands). The three Walibi parks have been part of the Compagnie des Alpes Group since 2006.