Bruxelles Mobilité renovates Reyers tunnels

Today begins the renovation of four of the six Reyers tunnels. These are the two tunnels that connect the E40 with Meiser and the two tunnels between Montgomery and the E40. This renovation will last one  year. According to Bruxelles Mobilité, the works will be non-stop from 7am to 8pm and during the holidays.

For traffic coming from outside Brussels, the deviations are indicated from the Ring on the dynamic information boards. Alternative routes: via the A12, the boulevard Leopold III, the chaussée de Louvain or the avenue de Tervuren.

On the surface there will be some adaptations for local traffic. The intersection rue Colonel Bourg – Boulevard Auguste Reyers will be closed to traffic. It will only be accessible via the exit of the E40 and the chaussée de Louvain. In addition, the E40 will no longer be accessible via Roodebeek Avenue but only via the tunnel or the detour via Avenue des Cerisiers.

For pedestrians and cyclists, a temporary bridge is planned between Colonel Bourg and the Diamant metro station. Cross Reyers Boulevard will remain possible by the metro station where a PMR device is planned.