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 77,000 German-speaking Belgians are celebrating today. 

Belgium offers a unique population, rich in history and culture, defined by time and traditions and influenced by the different people who passed by in the previous centuries. The country is not just composed by Wallonia, Flanders and the Brussels capital region, but also by the German-speaking community in the North-East part of the country. The community still preserves the original language and culture and is an active and fascinating part of Belgium’s multifaceted charm.


Although they only represent a minority, about 77,000 German-speaking Belgian citizens were registered on 1st March this year. Most of the German community lives in Eastern Belgium, near Liège, and has real political powers and public institutions, as the Flemish and the Wallonia-Brussels communities have.

The 15th of  November celebrates the German-speaking Belgian inhabitants: since 1st October 1990 this day has been defined as the “Day of the German-speaking community”. It also officialised arms and a flag of the Community.

Although today is a public holiday in the German-speaking cantons, there is no celebration across Belgium. A reception will however be organised at the permanent representation of the community in Brussels tonight. The EC’s President, Jean-Claude Juncker, will also be in Saint-Vith and he will take part in a citizen dialogue.

Why not having an insight into the German-speaking community and into the celebrations that will soon be held in Eastern Belgium? Have a look at the permanent representation’s website for the full programme and discover a new part of Belgium’s heritage!