Two police vans were burned and more than 80 persons arrested in Brussels: Gilets Jaunes movement

82 persons have been arrested in Brussels after a demonstration by the Gilets Jaunes.

In case you were in the EU quarter on Friday, you surely heard about the Gilets Jaunes. As a quick reminder, this movement is originally from France and is (supposed to be) composed of random people who complain about their purchasing power and the high level of taxes.

This very recent movement has easily crossed the border over the last few weeks, and several demonstrations have already been held in Wallonia. Brussels was quite an exception so far, but the demonstrations on Friday have made an end to this exception.

Some videos and pictures were quite impressive. A sort of mini-riot has taken place on Arts-Loi. The policemen used water jets as well as firecrackers to disperse the protesters. Rue de La Loi was blocked for a significant part of the day, and even two police vans were burnt.



The demonstrators also grabbed stoned from the streets and used them as projectiles. Road signs were destroyed.

It seems some policemen have been injured due to the fights they’ve had with the Gilets Jaunes. “We are the people, Charles Michel you’re done”. That’s what dozens of people were screaming when the march reached its highest point.

The Belgian government quickly reacted to the disruptions.  “No impunity for inadmissible violence in Brussels. The street thugs and scavengers must be subject to sanctions,” wrote Charles Michel, the Federal Prime minister, on Twitter.

Jan Jambon, the Federal minister for Home affairs, also denounced the violent disruptions.

It is then up to the judicial authorities to decide what kind of sanctions will be imposed.

The demonstrations however might continue over the upcoming days.