Uber’s “Movement” application arrives in Brussels

Uber’s much-anticipated “Movement” application has finally arrived in Brussels.

Already in place in the United States and other major European cities, the app makes it possible for Uber users to consult anonymized mobility data collected by the company’s drivers. In particular, the app allows users to discover the average driving distances and travel time between different neighbourhoods.



In addition, the app has the potential to help policymakers determine what infrastructure might be needed to reduce congestion and improve overall mobility in the Belgian capital.

For those who are interested, go to the Uber Movement website to browse the anonymised data collected by Uber drivers for the Brussels region.

Uber is also scheduled to make a big announcement about its plans for Brussels on April 25th. Many suspect that the announcement might concern the arrival of the company’s electric scooters in the Belgian capital, after the successful launching of a similar scheme in Madrid and Paris.