Belgian chief of police recommends entrusting speed cameras to private sector

The Commissioner-General of the Belgian Federal Police, Marc De Mesmaeker, has recommended entrusting the operation of speed cameras to the private sector in order to alleviate the current shortage of personnel in the federal police force.

“The operation of speed cameras is something that could very well be done by private companies,” Mr De Mesmaeker told the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws on Wednesday. “If this happened, it would significantly alleviate our current staff shortages. Moreover, it would allow our policemen to devote themselves to more important tasks.”


He added: “The time when the police had a monopoly on security is behind us. The more partners we have to build a secure society, the better.”

Handing over the operation of speed cameras to the private sector is just one of a whole slew of ideas that the Commissioner-General will be submitting to the next federal government after the May 26 elections.